Thursday, 31 May 2012

Company Command Squad

The final figures that I made up for the Roughnecks was a command squad.  I did try to make up some of the characters from the films based on the parts in the box, and also make sure that they were wysiwyg for the special characters I planned to represent them with.  I'm just not happy with the special characters though, and I'm definitely going to have to go back and re-work most of them.

The full Company Command Squad:

Lt. Rasczak, to be represented in game with Iron-Hand Straken.  Perhaps with a decent paintjob he could look a little like the character (in the image below), but his bionic hand is on the wrong side (I obviously wasn't thinking when I put the model together was I?) so I think he'll just have to be scrapped and re-done from scratch.


Jonny Rico, represented in game by Sgt. Bastonne, leading a veteran squad who will represent the Roughnecks.  Again, trying to make this model wysiwyg has just spoiled it and it doesn't look anything like the real character.


This is the image I was using when styling the model, but he is so much more commonly seen just dressed as a regular trooper which makes it difficult to make him stand out on the board - ie. the image below:

So that's the project so far.  I haven't looked at these guys in a couple of years, but posting all this stuff onto the blog has definitely re-kindled my interest in the project so I may just start working on them in the not too distant future.
Cheers - Andy.

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