Monday, 7 May 2012

Big Sale

I'm having a bit of a clear out, I've had stuff accumulating in cupboards for a while that I'm pretty certain I'll never get around to using, or have come with other things and I don't need, so I'm going to try and sell as much of it as I can.  This'll all be going on eBay next weekend, but I thought I would give those of you who follow the blog a first chance at them.  I'm not setting any prices, I'd rather let you make offers and work from there.  If you don't want to post in the comments then feel free to email me at goosefaff [at]

Land Raider Crusader with both weapon options

Valkyrie, the back door needs re-attaching, and the canopies are left off for re-painting

Drop Pod 1, fully painted (lightly) including interior

Drop Pod 2, almost fully painted (lightly) including interior


Ulrik (the fantasy one)

Khorne Bloodletter (off the back of a Juggernought, but would work fine in a unit)

Ork Warboss from Assault on Black Reach - SOLD

6 Nobz (one slightly damaged) from Assault on Black Reach (and the White Dwarf cover) - SOLD

10 Boyz (1) from Assault on Black Reach, couple of guns missing - SOLD

10 Boyz (2) from Assault on Black Reach, couple of guns missing - SOLD

Assault Terminator lightning claw sprue

Horses from Chaos Marauders (some spares form the men are listed further down)


5 Marines - SOLD

5 Scouts - SOLD

5 Marines (and some spares) - SOLD

Guard Sentinel

Devastators sprue

4 Devastators weapons

Chaos Marauder spares - see horses higher up

Chaos marine spares collection

Nightbringer (metal)

Logan Grimnar (metal)

Dark Angels bits

Vehicle accessories

Dwarf accessories

Command sprue

Command Sprue

5 Jump Packs and torsos - SOLD

Loads of Marines spares - SOLD

Necron Monolith - SOLD

All the usual eBay style disclaimers - everything is just as it is shown in the pictures, I've tried to give an brief description of what each one is, but the pictures should also enlarge so you can get a closer look.  As for postage and packing, I'll say £2 for any individual model, £3 for sprues (with a couple of exceptions) and £5 for the larger items, all within the UK, postage abroad will have to be worked out on a case by case basis, and recorded post will also be more.  Hope that seems fair.  Of course, for multiple items I'll work out a combined postage rate.

Cheers - Andy


  1. Lots of goodies there, good luck selling it all

    1. Cheres IDICBeer, if there's anything that interests you, just say

  2. i might be interested in all the orks, as they will be my next project after my current GK's. i'd happily pay £25 for them all.

    1. For that, done! I'll bag them all together, and find out how much postage will be. Do you want to email me an address for them to be sent to?

  3. Andy, hiya. Why sell the Monolith? I thought you were expanding the force... if not, I'll take it off your hands no probs. I've just started to put paint to my new 'Cron force, Army Painter silver spray and two washes (Devlan and Badab) are doing wonders so far. I'm having the same dilema tho. Green or Blue glow effect?... I'm airing toward blue to be different like you were with tin bitz.

    1. Hey Siph. Its a combination of not really feeling the love for the Necrons with the new book, and a distinct lack of space that's making me sell the Monolith. If you want it, then I'd be happy to see it go to a good home. Drop me a line to figure things out if you want to.

      Definitely go for the blue glow effect, with a dark metal like you have I think it'll stand out really nicely and look fantastic. I've used blue glow on my Tesla weaponry and think it looks pretty fab, you can see it in my annihilation barge post from November last year.



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