Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Roughnecks infantry squads

Just a quick couple of pics I snapped of the infantry squads after priming them but before painting.


I discovered just how quickly the painting can be as when I did get to sit down with these guys, I managed to do all the fatigues and armour on them in about 2 1/2 hours from undercoat to dried washes with only the flesh left to do.

I never did get these finished, but I'll try and get some more pictures of these as they are painted.  One difference between these guys and the pics of the other squads (and its pretty subtle) is that I've removed the ends of the lasguns which makes them look much more like the rifles in Starship Troopers.


  1. Lovely!

    You need a bunch of the old Leman Russ handles - they'd be ideal to stick on the lasrifle furniture, maybe even half-a-handle at a time...

    1. I can just imagine the fun of trying to split Leman Russ handles evenly to attach :D Although if you have a bunch of spares, I could be tempted to build a Drax-squad specially equipped in your honour.

    2. The good news is they have an annoying habit of breaking exactly halfway along. The bad news is that they're too big (I've already checked) and in short supply these days too!

    3. Ah curses!
      Well, if you think of any other potential additions, do let me know about them, there's still a chance for you to have a personally themed squad in this army.

  2. Hi! I really like your blog, and your ideas re paint schemes for Space Marines and Imperial Guard. A couple of things I'd like to ask you: Firstly, whenever I try to read your latest post on "One-Force" Marines, I get "not available on this computer"! Secondly, I saw somewhere, I'm not sure if it was on your blog or an "allied" one, a list of the base styles somebody uses for each kind of model, ie, flagstones for Space Marines, snow for Space Wolves, etc - can you help?

    1. Hi Grif

      I'm glad that you find my painting schemes interesting, I'll try and keep my content rate up with both these forces if you want to check back in.

      Thanks very much for spotting the problem with the links, I'll get looking into that, its likely that I've coded something slightly wrong in one of the links. Should be fixed this week as long as its not too fundamental an issue.

      I'm not sure about the basing style. I don't remember ever posting something about that, and I'm afraid I also don't remember an affiliated post about it, although I do follow a lot of blogs (probably too many for my own good) so it could just have slipped my memory. I do plan on using pre-cast bases for the One Force marines and have been looking into companies, so if you were interested, try checking out Secret Weapon Miniatures as they seem to have the widest range of bases that I've found so far.

      Hope all that will help you out, and I hope you decide to follow my little blog. Cheers


    Check out perfect match for weapons

  4. Thanks Anonymous. Those are a close match indeed, but for these guys who are an "easy" build force, I'm pretty happy to stick with just a snipped regular las-rifle. Cheers



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