Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Roughnecks Army List

I've been thinking a little about how I'd put together my guard army to represent elements of the Starship Troopers mobile infantry. Some things are pretty obvious, like including lots of bodies, auto-cannons, grenade launchers etc.  They there are the characters from the films and which special characters in the guard codex could be used to represent them fluff-wise or by effect on the game.

So lets look at the list of characters from the films, and who I think might represent them well, the main contenders are:  Johnny Rico, Carmen Ibanez, Carl Jenkins and Dizzy Flores (the school kids).  Jean Rasczak (school teacher), Ace Jenkins and Sgt. Zim from the training camp.  Capt. Dax (the only notable character from the second film), and I'm not even going to think about the characters in the third film, although the Marauder suits could easily be represented by some Sentinels.

  • Johnny Rico:  Seeing as he takes over from Rasczak and is generally pretty inspiring to those around him, he'll have to be Sgt. Bastonne.
  • Carmen Ibanez:  She's the pilot, so it would have to be an Officer of the Fleet.
  • Carl Jenkins:  The psychic one, so he could be either an Astropath, Primaris Psyker, or based on the way he looks in the films, a Commissar of one type or another (I like this last option best).
  • Dizzy Flores:  Not really sure for her, perhaps just a model in Rico/Bastonne's squad.
  • Jean Rasczak:  With the metal hand and simply because he is bad-ass, has to be Iron-Hands Straken.
  • Ace Jenkins:  As with Dizzy, not sure for a character, perhaps just a model.
  • Sgt. Zim:  Perhaps a Platoon Commander seeing as he gets busted back to private later in the film.  He could also be Chenkov seeing as that character is supposed to be inspiring.  Wherever he is, he'll have to be with a medic seeing as he keeps breaking people :).
  • Capt. Dax:  He's a loner, survives behind enemy lines, takes up arms and holds off a whole swarm of bugs pretty much on his own, has to either be Guardsman Marbo, or Sgt. Harker.

From this, I've sketched out this base list to include all the basic characters:

Company Command Squad
 - Straken (Raszcek), medipak, vox, standard
 - Officer of the Fleet (Carmen)

Marbo (Dax)

Platoon Command Squad (Sgt. Zim)
 - Commissar (Carl), medipak, vox
 - 2 Infantry Squads

Veteran Squad
 - Bastonne (Rico), 3 grenade launchers, demolitions doctrine (trying to represent their use of grenades and nukes in the film).
 - Vendetta (the drop ships they use)

... all of which comes to 760pts as the base of the list.  Obviously it needs some expansion to make it work, but this was all about getting as many of the base characters into a single list as realistically possible.  So does anyone have any ideas as to how to make those characters even more like the film?

Cheers, Andy


  1. awesome. i'd say you actually nailed it with your choices. would love to see you actually do this project.

  2. Commissar Doogie Howser. Fear me, but follow.

  3. @ Atreides: Cheers Andy. I did put together a couple of basic infantry units, and had a go at the characters, but I rushed them and wasn't happy at all. I may go back to them at one point and re-sculpt the command squad so that they look more like the film characters. They could always be a small detachment in Apocolypse games.

    @Mike: Indeed, perhaps a sneeky inclusion in one of the squads.

  4. You know what you really need is an objective marker which is one of the GW crates, but filled with such morale-boosting niceties as an American football and a neon-green electric fiddle.

    For a second objective marker (easy to convert) you can have a slumped-down guardsman with his eyes rolled up and a massive hole in the top of his head...

    And obviously you need to model a number of the troopers showering (naked? - mais oui!) for no particular reason other than...well...why not?!

    Oh, and I do seem to recall there's apretty cool sniper bloke...until he gets slotted that is. I think he gets decapitated.

    So excited by this project.

  5. By the way - any chance you can alter your comment form so that commenters can subscribe to it please?

    I had to do this on mine - this versions gone a bit screwy...

  6. Drax, you are of course absolutely right and both those potential objective markers are amongst my list of to-do's for this project, as well as one with crates of beer.
    As to the shower scene, perhaps that will have to be a special objective for games with gentlemen over a certain age?

    I've altered the comments form to embedded, seems that in its infinite wisdom, google doesn't think you might want to subscribe to comments if you use any of the other comment templates it offers.



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