Friday, 27 April 2012

Salute 1: Forgeworld

In the first of my posts about Salute, I thought I'd post up the lovely new models from Forgeworld.  Perhaps most interesting to me were the assault weapons kit for the new mkIV pattern terminator armour (or Tartaros Pattern as Forgeworld like to call it). 

In the pictures above and below, you can see some general pictures of them.
Note the power-maul, as featured on the Chaos Terminator sprue from GW.

Here you can see closer the classic terminator combat weapons:
Thunderhammer and Stormshield, and Lightning Claws.
Close up of the guy toting the power-maul (which I think is pretty awesome), and he's also bringing along a combi-plasma to the party.
His friend in the background has a combi-melta, and although not very clear in the picture, he's got a power-axe too.

Along with the terminators, you may have spotted in the top picture the mkIV assault marines in Forgeworld's expanding early marque armour range.

Check the background for the mkIV assault marines.
Interestingly enough, they have the same design single turbine jump-packs.
Sanguinary guard of the Blood Angels have the same types.

The last thing I managed to picture was the new flier.  Its a pretty cool design, with a front and rear facing crew much like the snow-speeders in Empire Strikes Back.  It's going to pack a punch in game with that many guns hanging from it too ;)

Personally I can't wait for this stuff to be released, especially the Terminator kits.  Forgeworld seemed to be doing a great trade pretty much all day.  It wasn't till just before the place closed that the crowd around the stand dropped from about 4 deep along its entire length.  However, there weren't any issues with buying anything (as long as they still had some in their stock) as has been reported at other events Forgeworld have been at, they had credit-card machines and everything worked fine when I picked up a few bits and bobs.

I've got plenty more to report on from Salute, but that will come in later posts otherwise this would be about 10 times as long as it already is.  Cheers - Andy


  1. I am not keen on heresy style things, though I think this style of terminator armour links in with a contemptor nicely. After all terminator armour is based on dreadnoughts, while you cannot see that tie now, you can in past armour editions.

    1. Cheers Mercer. I know these suits have gotten a bit of a bad press, but I really like them. My favourite aspect is how they've blended the older style double layer shoulder pads that people tend to use on pre-heresy terminators, and softened and curved them to make them appear as transitionary between the very flat, older style, and the new curved shoulder pads of "modern" terminators.
      As you say, they are also a great blend between mkIV suits and a Comtemptor, whereas the newer terminators have links with the mkVI/VII suits, and the mkV helmet.



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