Saturday, 12 November 2011


I've been doing a lot of experimentation with glowing effects for my Necrons (see here, here and here), and as a little break, I took the time to put together and paint up my Doomwheel for the fledgling Skaven army I will eventually have to play Fantasy.

This guy was super quick, super easy and a lot of fun to paint.  Just slap on the base colours, the wood of the wheels got a light drybrush of bone, then a heavy wash of good old Devlan Mud.

The greed glow for the warpstone is a pretty simple recipe.  Start with basecoat of Dark Angels Green, a heavy drybrush over the green and onto the surrounding areas with Scorpion Green, light drybrush to the green bits only of Skull White, then a wash back with Thraka Green.  The whole thing only took a couple of evenings from box to painted.

C-Q-C?  Cheers - Andy

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