Friday, 18 November 2011

Annihilation Barge

The first of my shiny new Necrons is built and painted, the Annihilation/Command Barge combo.  It's a great kit with some lovely details on it, and I really like the Tesla Destructors.

I've built the kit to be able to use it as either of the options that come in the Codex, so the guns aren't glued down, neither on top or underneath.

I've decided that I'm going to be using different colours for the different weaponry in my force.  Gauss, and generic 'technology' are going to have the green-glow effect I devised originally for my Necrons, as you can see on the body of the Barge.  Tesla is going to be blue-glow as I think its more electricity like.  for Particle weapons, and some of the more esoteric options, I'm just not sure what, although I've been considering red for at least something.

I'm a little worried that the glow on the "wings" and the "spine" of the body are a little too much, but it'll be a bit of a chore to go back and correct, but I'll be going for a slightly more reduced look on my other new vehicles.

I'd be glad to hear your comments, questions and/or criticisms.   Cheers - Andy


  1. Looks quality bud.. love the way you've done the tesla cannons.. the blue in particular goes wonderfully in my opinion..

    we going to see you at Blog Wars in December mate?

  2. Cheers Ven. The Tesla has come out pretty well.

    Sadly I can't make Blog Wars this year, had it all planned out and was keen for it, but it conflicts with a memorial rugby tournament I'm part of so won't be there this time round.

    I'll maybe have to pop into London some time and visit you guys' game club

  3. Very nice. It actually looks quite cool without the pilots, maybe I'll try it that way too!

  4. I like the glow effects--but it almost seems like the parts that are causing the glow (e.g., the symbols themselves on the wings) aren't brilliant enough. But overall it looks good.

  5. @Hal'jin: Thanks. I really don't like the look of those pilots on the front, completely spoils it for me which is why I left them off. I quite like the look too without them, gives it an even more automated feel, and I can imagine Lords using the 41st millennium equivalent of Bluetooth to control it anyway so won't need drivers :D

    @Darkwing: Yeah, I can see what you are saying. Part of that is that it didn't come out too well in the photo's, but having looked at it again I think I'm going to try and make them a little brighter, although its difficult to blend in lighter colours in those gaps.



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