Friday, 11 November 2011

Necron Specials

The final instalment of my Necrons from before the new release, all the special units:

Destroyers, with lots of glowing green effect - leading on from the idea of the Lord having an internal green glow, I wanted to try and make the "exhausts" of the destroyer bodies seem to have an internal glow.  I didn't get it completely right, but I'll work on it in future (I've got another 5 in Fairy Power Spray at the moment).

Flayed Ones.  These old models are absolutely fantastic.  I've only seen the WD images of the new models, but I can't see how they can compare to these.  They are so much more disgusting, the way the flesh is stretched around their bodies, there are all these little spikes sticking from them that attaches the flesh, and the way the features of the underlying Necron body are hinted at under it makes these brilliant.  The flesh was done simply with a basecoat of Dheneb Stone and 2 heavy washes of Ogryn Flesh.

Immortals, now a troops choice, and they are coming along.

I've also got 3 Tomb Spyders, a few Wraiths, another Lord and the previously mentioned Destroyers sitting, stripped, and waiting for some painting, but I've got some of the new shinies as well to get on with too, so they may have to wait a little before seeing a paintbrush.

C-Q-C?  Cheers - Andy


  1. Nice job so far Andy. What's the receipe for the green glow? I'm mighty tempted for a 2nd army of 'Crons but Relictors still not finished... will they ever be?

  2. Hey Siph

    Its a pretty easy one, I seem to have forgotten to include it, but it'll be up in a post tomorrow. Till then:

    - Basecoat Dark Angels Green
    - Heavy drybrush on the green and around with Scorpion Green
    - Light drybrush only on the green with Skull White
    - One (or possibly two) washes with Thraka Green

    Cheers - Andy



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