Friday 3 July 2009

Drop pods

Here's the pic of where I ended up my painting night.

I got the rest of the second one glued last night before playing two games. The first I lost badly thanks to completely failing to remember that you can't assault out of a drop pod. Needless to say, against Tau I was completely destroyed with only the drop pods and my ven dread left by the end of turn 5 when the game ended. There was also some comedy rolling on both sides, with me managing to pass 3 5+ invulnerables but fail the one 2+ save I had to take in one round, and my opponent managing to roll 5 out of 6 1's when rolling to hit with BS=5! It was a fun game though, with a great opponent who I'll be hoping to play again in the future. The second game was a two round, 750pt game before time ran out (again against Tau) which ended in a draw on 2 KP each.

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