Wednesday 1 July 2009

At last

... something that might, at least to me, be worth saying.

So after getting back from my big trip (and planning the next for mid July), I boshed through the jet lag and now am resembling a human being again. Last week I trotted into the FLGS on gamer night that was ending early so I didn't get in a game, but lined up one with another lad getting back into the hobby. He plays Tau and the thought of trying to march my whole army across the board into his guns didn't fill me with much confindence so I decided to put together my drop pods.

What have I learned? Well, GW's instructions are rubbish. The order they show putting it together is very counter-intuitive, especially the restraint harnesses which they show you should put in after glueing in the central column. To my horror, I found that to do this you have to cut them up a bit, and then force them in really hard - much better to glue the harnesses to the central collar before glueing it all down to the base. Also, the instructions, including the "completed" picture do not include the second set of harnesses on each of the 5 fixing points, it is down to you to realise that these need attaching.

I've got one pre-assembled, and the other just needs the doors and main fins cleaning then I'm going to be spraying them black, quick dry brush with the silver and pick out a couple of details before final glueing and they'll be ready for Thursday night. WIP and my army list to follow soon.

Back in action, Hoo Raa!

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