Wednesday 1 July 2009

1000pt list

Its going to be 1000pts tomorrow, here's my list based on what I have available:
  • Wolf Lord, 2 x Lightning claws and Belt of Russ (4+ inv)   120pts
  • 11 Blood Claws, power fist, power weapon, plasma pistol and flamer, the rest of the slots bolt pistols and close combat weapons   188pts
  • Drop Pod   35pts
  • Wolf Guard Battle Leader, Terminator armour, power weapon, storm bolter and wolf pelt (3+ hit in CC)   81pts
  • 4 Wolf Guard Bodyguards, Terminator armour, power fists, storm bolters and wolf pelts   104pts
  • Drop Pod   35pts
  • Venerable Dreadnought with multi-melta   165pts
  • 6 Grey Hunters with bolters, power fist, power weapon and meltagun   142pts
  • 6 Grey Hunters with bolters, power fist, power weapon and flamer   138pts
  • Total   1008pts

I think my idea will be to drop the termies in on the first turn using the drop pod assault rule as they will be able to take some pounding during the game. I'll set up the GH in cover along with the dread and work them onto objectives or move them forward through cover if it is kill points. The lord and BCs will drop in later to wreak havoc amongst the Tau lines and they'll then hopefully last long enough to contest/claim and objective in the enemies territory later in the game.

If anyone has some tips or comments I'd love to hear them

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