Saturday 22 December 2018

291: Tomb Raiders

As I mothball my blog I'm taking stock of my hobby and armies as they stand.  

Here at the end of 2018, this is my whole Necron army.  What started off as a side project and a quick and easy army ended up being one of the most difficult as I had to customise every last model with electrical wire to replace the green rods in the original kit.

To my mind, a Necron army should always be about a horde of relentless, advancing warriors and I've tried to keep that in this army.  I've got over 40 warriors that I take as many of as reasonable every time I play.  In big units of ~20 they are amazingly resilient and it can be impressive to see almost half the unit return to life even if there's only one left on the battlefield.

Of course, there's also many of the new units that were released alongside the new 5th Ed codex, the Doomsday Ark is a personal favourite.  Its not overly effective (although when the dice align it can really cause some damage), but it is a great distraction carnifex (NSFW).  There's also the obligatory 3 Tomb Blades from the 7th Ed decurion formation (good times - not!).

To ensure the warriors can get back up, there's a slew of Crypteks built long before there were actual models from warrior bodies and a collection of random bits from other kits.  There's also a Lord and Overlord model if nothing else for the options.

Central to it all is the C'Tan.  Such an incredible model, the detail is really, really impressive with some very subtle details, including the outline of the feet on the back of the cloak as it hangs from the body, just like they've done for all the new Nighthaunt models.

Oh Flay-ed One, oh Flay-ed Ones, how quickly falls the flesh from thee! (well it is nearly Christmas ;)
I don't think I've every really got these into combat, but they are really lovely models, and so much more sinister than the newer versions which look a little silly to my mind.  Again, these have tiny little details like spikes on which the flesh is stretched from that you never see until you are painting them.   Whoever was sculpting the Necrons back in the day really knew what they were about.

My Destroyers.  In my ongoing war against the green plastic rod, I used a length of coat-hanger to form the core and then 4 lengths of electrical wire to build up a much larger "flow of energy" between the body of the gun and the emitter.  Of all the models, they may be the ones I'm most pleased with in the army.

So that's the army.  I may add to it in the future if I find there's something I want, but in general it works just as I want it to at the moment.  It's nice to just have an army that is ready, and functions at various different power levels.


  1. This army looks great, I too have the 3 Tomb Blades, and a whole lot of Warriors, just finished painting numbers 50-55... aim for three 20 blobs.

    1. The 20 bot Warrior blob is a surprisingly effective tool on the table



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