Wednesday 28 November 2018

290: 10th birthday, the end of an era

Terrifyingly enough, today marks 10 years since I began this blog.  I can't quite believe I've been back in the hobby for that long.

It can't escape the notice of any poor sod who's still checking that posting has pretty much ceased here.  This is down to various factors, a big part being my own changing personal circumstances, and how much (or rather little) time I can give to the hobby.  That which I have I am plowing 100% into actual hobby and so this place takes a back seat.

Considering its just hit such a milestone, I've taken the difficult decision that I'm going to mothball the blog.  I plan to do a couple of posts to wrap things up over the next few weeks, but that'll be it for the foreseeable future.  Should life ever return to a situation where I can support this again I may return but I offer no promises...

I won't be completely lost from the hobby blogosphere however, my very good friends and primary gaming group, The Beard Bunker, have agreed to allow me to join them as a contributor to their much more excellent site, so anyone who even remembers my ramblings and would like to see more are strongly recommended to head on over that way and add them to whatever site aggregator you use.

I'll be back in the not too distant future with those wrapping up posts.

In the meantime - toodle-pip and all that!


  1. Ah, good we'll catch up your ramblings over at Beard Bunker - I already subscribe over there when Jeff the Pirate Viking moved from his blog to BB.

    1. I just celebrated 10yrs of WeeMen too earlier this month :)

    2. Cheers Siph, funnily enough it was seeing your mega post of the relictors that reminded me that the blogaversary was probably coming up as I remembered that both our blogs started out about the same time.
      Congrats on the milestone and making a much better job of it than I've ever managed ;)

  2. Replies
    1. It is sadly just the reality of the situation. I'm always amazed you manage to keep up such output.



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