Monday 14 January 2019

292: One Force all, and all Force One

Here is my generic marines force, purposefully designed to be as "generic" as possible, allowing maximum flexibility to field a force from any of the codices.  There's lots of magnets included in this force, with most of the weapons swappable in one way or another.  You can see the slow and steady growth under the One Force label.

Colour wise, I thought to try and draw from a "realistic" military look, so the air wing is in grey... :)

... and the mechanised components are in a desert yellow.

As another 7th Ed army, there's units included to make up the formations, and there's also my Centurion conversions based on the Kataphron Destroyers.

The fantastic Korvydae model as my commander, and Iron Hand veterans to double as an Honour Guard or Sternguard.

Hammer-nator Termies and a Chaplain for extra kill.  >:)

The troops, all magnetised to run either as Assault or Tactical troops, and interchangeable special and sergeant weapons.  (There's 30 marines in total, a mix of Mk II, IV, and V;  all the original resin models)

That's that then.  I'm sure you'll see them over on the Beard Bunker from time to time, and they'll be expanded over time as well as I feel like it.



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