Thursday, 6 September 2012

One Force squad 1 ready for the table

Here they are at last, ready for the table top at least.  I've managed to squeeze in the odd 15 minutes here and there to get the highlighting done on all the armour, weapons and main backpacks for the squad.  Just the Jump Packs that aren't highlighted now.

You can see them in more details below, but my plans for these in the coming weeks is to add company and squad markings, go back and do a second stage highlight on the whole lot, add some battle damage to them and then the final weathering to get the to the "complete" stage.

I had to do a little post-processing to these pics so they aren't 100% accurate to the look in the flesh, but I had to take the pics on my phone with the lighting I had available so they needed touching up and this was as close to reality as I could achieve.  I'm hoping to have some kind of photo-booth in the not too distant future for this so pics might improve soon, fingers crossed.

California Bound:
In other news, I'll be in California over the next two weeks (San Fran, then LA followed by Vegas) and I'll of course drop into any games stores that I can, so if you follow this blog and live in any of those places, where do you think I should be going?

Posts are scheduled for the time I'm away, so this place won't be too quiet.  Cheers - Andy

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