Tuesday, 20 March 2012

No painting till April

I'm sure everyone out there knows the now not much of a rumour that GW is completely re-doing its paint range in next months White Dwarf (see pic of new paint pot designs above).  GW has even released a completely useless and uninformative "video trailer" that is supposed to be "cryptic" but is in fact just pointless.

They are re-naming all the paints and you can get the full list of colours here, and now we even have a poster which shows all the paint colours and their names (not that the colours on the poster will resemble anything like the real colour of the paints) which I've included below but which I got from Stahly's Tale of Painters.

Anyway, as the paints and colours will be changing, I've put all painting of One Force on hold as I'll probably change the colour-scheme somewhat based on the new paints, so all I'm left with is building some of my left over Necron units - not the most exciting.  I'll try and keep updates going on the blog from some of my older work, and will get back to new progress posts once the new paints are released.

Cheers - Andy


  1. So negative! As if GW would do something awful like change the hue of the colors so you have to buy all new paints!

    The new color poster is nifty, but I am looking for a conversion chart. I am hoping that there will be one in the WD.

  2. Even if they didn't mean to change the colours, I imagine they are probably shifting to a new manufacturer, or will likely have tweaked the recipes for making the paints so its almost a certainty that the paints will change.

    I also like the new paint chart, and really hope it comes in my WD this weekend, no matter what, it'll be interesting.



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