Saturday, 6 August 2011

More Zombie Terminators... I Mean Necrons

Hi all

Everything being well, this should pop up just about the time I'm settling onto a sun-lounger by the pool at my hotel in Italy with a view of Vesuvius :D  I'm off for a weeks well earned sun, sea and s-ruins (I'll finally be seeing Pompeii, and it kind of rhymes).

Meanwhile, what I've been up to this week is finishing off the Gauss effect on the majority of the rest of my 'crons, a couple of examples you can see here.  The Lord up there on the left is pretty much stock, but with a Gauss effect in his warscythe.

These two are also special as they have been modelled to look as if they've had a hand blown off and they are self-repairing.  I've always envisaged it as being something like the Gauss effect but in reverse that repairs them, so I'm going to be using the same painting technique on it to try and look the same.
These guys are all undercoated now, so when I get back there should be some pretty quick progress on them for you to all see.

Anywho, toodle-pip, and I'll see what you've all been up to in a week.   
Cheers - Andy


  1. Nice stuff. How are you going to paint the gauss thing?

  2. Enjoy the sun, whilst you are in Pompeii, i'm in Pompey. Not as glamorous but hey, I've done Vesuvius - ran up it doing a 10K back in 1999, ouch! I am old now.

  3. @Hal'jin - Cheers, and your comments made me realise I haven't done a step-by-step for the effect I'm using, which I'll try and remedy this week. Its a pretty basic OSL effect done using dry-brussing.

    @Siph - Pompeii was fantastic, loved the whole holiday. Didn't get up Vesuvius, no time, but definitely couldn't run it, massive respect to you for running it. Hope Pompey wasn't too grim (and is still intact).



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