Wednesday 14 September 2011

Running for Charity

My recent lack of updates is generally down to one thing - running.  This Sunday, (just 4 days from now), I'm running the Great North Run to raise money for Crisis.  For those that don't know, Crisis is the charity that helps the homeless to work themselves off the streets without having to resort to handouts. It provides education, training, assistance in finding work and places to live, and support so that they can turn their own lives around. You can read about the work that Crisis does on their website:

If you or anyone you know can spare even just a little to help out this great charity, then please try and sponsor me here: (remember, it's only 4 days to go until I'll be running!).  
In an attempt to get people to donate as much as possible, I'm also pledging to run 1km in training for every £1 that is donated. To date I've already run over 130km and I'll continue after the event until I've accounted for every £1 donated. You can see my progress here:

I'd just like to thank in advance anyone who feels like they can help out, even if it is just re-blogging this to try and increase awareness and perhaps generate a little bit more money to help out.

I'll be back with lots of shiny Necrons next week.
Cheers - Andy


  1. Good luck today! Haven't seen you on TV yet, but saw Nell McAndrew in a batgirl costume, mmmm!

  2. Hey Siph. Thanks very much for the donation, really appreciate that. Managed to finish in 2:26 which I was a little disappointed in as I didn't have the best day, but happy to finish it and it was a fantastic day too.

    Managed to get into the Journal (local northern paper) in one of the big shots, but don't think I made the TV.

  3. Well done ! Did you beat your PB ?

  4. Hey Zzzzzz. Afraid I didn't beat my PB, I ran one in 1:58 about 7 years ago and I don't think I'll be getting back to that kind of form anytime soon :)
    I'm going to try and do some more in the future so perhaps I'll start improving - have to reset the clock now.



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