Tuesday 2 August 2011

GW's new minis = very nice


I am absolutely stunned by this.  How cool is this new model from GW?  Got the new White Dwarf last night (at last, don't think I'll be keeping my subscription seeing as I can get WD earlier in shops now) and just can't stop turning back to the pages with the new Terrorgheist on it.  I will definitely be getting one of these, and somehow find a way I can include it into my Skaven army.  I'm thinking of perhaps magnetising the body so that I can remove it from the wings and mount it on a different base so it can be a Hell Pit Abomination.  Will have to see once I get my hands on it.

And then I saw this (first off on the website), and just look at that alternate face on the left, yep, you are now looking at my new Necron Lord.  The only conversion that I'll have to do is with the scythe to make it a Warscythe/Staff of Light, and I don't even think that'll be too challenging.

I'm really pretty excited about these new releases, and I'll have to admit that I'm perhaps more excited because there were no leaked pics, looking through WD was a real pleasure to see some genuinely new things.  The content even seems to be slightly improved, although I haven't got all the way through it, I'm hoping this signals the rumoured improvements to WD that I've heard about.  I'm just sad that they are shafting us subscribers, what really is the point if you can get your copy earlier in the shops?  I've even emailed them to ask what their reasoning is for this, yet to receive a reply though.


  1. they are indeed beautiful models. personally, i love the banshee even more!

    i agree about WD. i have had a sub for about 10 years and i am really pissed that they have stopped sending it to me early. if the content does not improve by Christmas i will not be renewing either.

  2. I love the Terrorgeist, just need to figure out where in the Relictors Army list i can fit it (!!?) Ha Ha. Nice idea with the Necron Lord conversion tho.

  3. Its a real shame about the subscription Andy, I've always looked forward to mine showing up, but this weekend I found myself sat in the local reading one of their copies because mine hadn't turned up. That banshee is brilliant as well, I'm just drawn to the possibilities of the wraith.

    @Siph, I wish I could fit it in a few more armies too as it is just brilliant. Can't wait to see it in the plastic either.

  4. I love the idea of using the Banshee as a Necron lord I might have to borrow that idea if you don't mind.

    It's a shame about White Dwarf as I have heard it used to be really good for the community doing the hobby rather than the admag it is now though was before I started.

  5. @O'Shashar - you're welcome! I'm off on holiday on Saturday, but it'll be bought the day I get back and will be getting an "emergency fast" paintjob (especially as I've finished building the rest of my 'crons.
    As for WD, I've been told that they are working to improve the content level of WD because of the complaints they've been getting, and I'll admit it is slowly getting better, but has a long way to go to get back to its heyday.

    @Atreides - I've got a response from GW re the change in dates, not much of a justification, but I didn't expect it. I'd definitely say complain to them though as if we do it enough perhaps they'll consider changing back, or at least plan it to get to us on the Friday/Saturday at the same time as in the shops.



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