Friday 20 May 2011

Revised BlogWars List

So I've played a few games with my Njal Stormcaller Blogwars list, and to put it frankly, I just don't like it.  I had a victory against an all foot guard list, and lost to a Dark Eldar list and a couple of others.  I just couldn't get used to running Njal in a way that would protect him long enough to make the most of his powers, I missed having two priests so being able to cast the same power twice and the area of board that I could cover.  I guess I'm just a little too keen to get my Wolves into the thick of things.  In the past, I've really enjoyed running Ragnar with a group of Terminators, sometimes out of a Land Raider, when I've needed to bump my usual lists up to higher points for opponents, so I think I'm going to fall back on that kind of Special Character use - I just find it more fun.  However, if you've seen my Twitters, you'll notice that I haven't been working on Ragnar...

I was looking at Ragnar's profile and rules, and was comparing them to Logan, and got interested.  Here's a bit of a breakdown of the comparison.
Similarities - Most of the stats, both have a 4++ invulnerable save, Wolf Tooth Necklaces and Talismans and Frost Blades (one of the uses of the Axe Morkai for Logan).
Difference - Ragnar gives his unit Furious Charge, and +D3 attacks on the charge instead of +1.  He has grenades for assault and is in Power Armour so can get in a Rhino with Grey Hunters if his bodyguard gets killed.  Once per game he can give all units within 12'' Furious Charge and also has Saga of the Warrior Born so gets better if you can keep him killing people in combat.  Logan has an extra A, 2+ save, Eternal Warrior, can make Thunder Hammer attacks and can give his unit special rules.  He can also make all units within 18'' have an extra A for a turn, and makes Wolf Guard Troops.  Logan is 35pts more than Ragnar.

I'm somewhat leaning towards Logan at the moment, not only as it'll add another unit of troops to my force in the form of a unit of Wolf Guard, but although 35pts more expensive, that's the same as the cost of Saga of the Bear, and Eternal Warrior is a huge boon, means I can safely take those extremely high S hits against Logan's save without worrying too much, whereas one S8+ hit gets through on Ragnar and its bye-bye!  I will miss Furious Charge and the +D3 attacks though.

Anyway, onto some lists.

My Core List:
2 x Rune Priest   (200)
Lone Wolf, storm-shield, MotW, Wolf   (75)
3 x 8 Grey Hunters, melta, standars, MotW, Wolf Guard, combi-melta, power-fist, Rhino   (684)
6 Long Fangs, 5 Missile Launchers   (140)

What I consider a basic Terminator Wolf Guard squad loadout; and transport for the Special Character:
4 x Wolf Guard, TDA, storm-shield, chainfist, 2 x combi-melta, wolf-claw   (177)
Land Raider   (250)

Logan Grimnar   (275)     Ragnar Blackmane   (240)
So to make these lists work, I need to find 51pts for Logan, 16pts for Ragnar.  Not too hard, I could lose a couple of Grey Hunters, or a Long Fang.

I'll see how Logan goes in games this week hopefully, and I know just how effective Ragnar can be.  As a teaser, see this that I've been putting together in preparation.

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