Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Citadel Finecast

From Faeit 212, credit within
Assuming you've seen yesterdays Games Workshop blogpost you'll know that they are replacing a large part (if not all) of their metal models with resin or part-resin figures.

Well the first images are starting to emerge and the poster to the left shows you the first range of miniatures.  No real surprises, its exactly the same sculpts as before, just in a different material.  So, GW is producing the same sculpts, in a cheaper material, that is lighter so reducing shipping costs, and a probably simpler production method as they aren't having to deal with hot metal.
Will we see any of these savings, nope!  In fact we're looking at a ~25% price increase on most figures - WOW!

We're also due a price-hike at the end of May, so I'm now looking to make a pretty big order of all the things I've been wanting before all this hits, and while there are still some metal figures available at the old prices.  I'll be using my new favourite store:  Dark Sphere Games, the cheapest site out there!

Also, check out Wolves for the Wolfgod who is having a give-away in honour of his 100th post, and follow me on twitter if you care about mini-updates. Cheers, Andy


  1. Yea, the price increase sucks but is expected this time of year. The resin being done to save money yet costing more is a bit of crap though.

  2. Thanks for the mention, Andy. You are awesome. And that image is interesting! :)

  3. @The Inner Geek: You're right, the price rise was to be expected, but on top of the price increase for the "new" models its just quite a lot. Just ordered over £150 worth of plastic to beat the rises (and as a 30th birthday pressie to myself).

    @Skarvald: No trouble at all, and I'd say you are the awesome one for giving away such a cool prize. I'm most curious about the "classified" images, one appears to be either dark eldar or IG, the other either tomb kings or skaven.



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