Monday, 20 September 2010

Even more games - Game 3 vs Deathwing

The third of my more recent games was against a Deathwing army - painted up in a very nice looking black colour-scheme similar to Black Templars.  The army consisted of 5 x 5-man terminator squads, with a heavy weapon each and the odd power-weapon.  Bellial was included in one squad as the command squad with a banner, and there was also a lascannon dreadnought.

Image used without permission

I took a 1500 pts list with:
2 Rune Priests
2 x 8 Grey Hunters with all the trimmings, Wolf Guard with combi-melta and power-fist
10 Blood Claws with Wolf Guard with power-fist
Lone Wolf with 2 wolves
6 Long Fangs with 5 Missile Launchers
5 Thunderwolves with thunder-hammer, 2 x storm-shield

We played on a 4 x 4 table with a big river running across the middle, a hill on one side with some ruins on top, and two buildings on either side of the other half.  We were playing kill points with pitched battle deployment, I got first turn and set up on the side with two buildings.  My Long Fangs in one building on the right, the two Rhino's forming a wall in the centre with my Thunderwolves behind them, and the Blood Claws on the left with the Lone Wolf.  The Deathwing set up Bellial with his command squad in the ruin on the hill, and the Dreadnought off to the right behind a low wall for cover.  Deathwing rolls to steal the initiative and fails so I get first turn.

I won't go into too much detail on this battle as it was pretty formulaic.  My Long Fangs spent most turns pinging his dreadnought which kept it unable to do much for the whole game till it finally died.  My Blood Claws and Lone Wolf ran headlong towards his command squad on the hill, moving incredibly slowly across the intervening river thanks to abysmally low difficult terrain rolls.  The Deathwing deep-struck in a squad or two at a time and my Thunderwolves and one pack of Grey Hunters shot then charged them and destroyed them squad by squad in combat.  Finally, the rest of the army made it across the river and with the support of the second Grey Hunter squad killed off his command squad completing the annihilation of his army.

The game wasn't a particularly fair encounter mostly because my opponent chose to deep-strike his army meaning I could pick of squads of terminators one after another and he couldn't ever concentrate his fire or combat.  Also, with most of the terminators running with power-fists I was able to cut down the units before the majority of them ever got to swing.  My opponent and I both agreed the game would have been very different if he'd setup as a wall of terminators and used weight of fire to thin out my numbers before I got to him, but we'll have to wait till we get a re-match to see how that would have gone.


  1. Erm, aren't those Thunderwolves illegal? You can take only one special cc weapon.

  2. You're right, that's a typo there from mixing up two old lists in my notes, there was only the thunderhammer and it was two storm shields.

    I really need to write up these battle reports more quickly after the games so I don't forget things all the time.

    Thanks for pointing that out - I'll edit the report for future reference.



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