Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Psychic shooting question

A quick question for all of you out there, when using a psychic shooting attack, do you roll to hit?
I can't see anywhere in the rule book that says you should, but also nowhere does it say that you shouldn't.  The rules say to use the same restrictions as shooting a weapon (l.o.s. etc) so for shooting psychic attacks you would expect to have to roll-to-hit.  Problem is this could make some psychic powers for races that have low BS to be pretty useless which seems a little unfair.

At the local, we've not been rolling to hit, treating a passed Ld test as auto-hitting, but thinking about it I'd say you should have to roll to hit despite how much it could affect certain powers.
How do you all play it?


  1. That depends. If it has a weapon profile then you have to roll to hit, just as with normal weapon. Otherwise you have to read into the description. For example, Murderous Hurricane generates "hits" so there is no rolling ot hit.

  2. I would dare say most of the shooting psychic powers out there require rolling to hit, as Hal'jin said. The cool spells, however, typically do not (jaws, hurricane, blood lance, etc).

  3. Psychic shooting attacks roll to hit as normal, unless stated i.e Hive Tyrants.

  4. Agreed with the above. Using CSM powers as an example...

    Things like Doombolt & Bolt of Change that have standard weapon stat lines, you would roll to hit. Particularly doombolt - its got three shots, and passing one LD test doesn't mean all 3 hit.

    Things like Wind of Chaos, although having a weapon stat line, do not roll to hit, simply because it is a template attack and uses the template rules (anything touched by the template IS hit).

    Then something like Gift of Chaos, there is no weapon stat line. There is wording about its process - pass LD/Psy test, if target is within 6", roll a D6 greater than target T, and it becomes a spawn.

    So I guess the shortest answer to the question at hand is "yes, if it has a weapon statline; probably not if it details its own mechanic."

  5. Cheers everyone, thats pretty much what I'd thought, but seeing as noone was doing it at the club I was starting to doubt. Looks like that'll make for a few interesting conversations with opponents over the coming weeks trying to get them to see it that way - joys!



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