Friday 9 October 2009

Painting competition terminator

I'm not sure if I mentioned at the time, but when Space Hulk was released for pre-order, the local GW did a bit of an event in celebration including giving away a free termie or stealer to all those who placed a deposit in store. They also said they'd have a painting comp for them on the following Saturday, but seeing as noone turned up it never happened. Anyway, I was able to grab myself an assault-cannon and chainfist terminator and set to wolf-ifying him. One night was spent on cleaning him and attaching some of the greenstuff. A second night was spent finishing up the greenstuff and then basing and undercoating him. This left me with evenings to paint him. Below you'll see the results. I'm pretty proud of him, the photos don't entirely do him justice as I had to take them indoors and then touch up the colours with Gimp.

Of course, I'd love to hear your comments and especially criticism/pointers as I'm always hoping to improve things.

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