Friday, 9 October 2009

Full Wolf Force

So, with the additions of the last two posts, and the 5 AoBR termies that I finished the basic colours of last night (see below)

I've now got a pretty decent force building up. Below is an image of the whole force.

It includes:

  • Lord with twin lighting-claws
  • 7 Terminators: 5 with storm-bolter and power-fist, 1 with assault-cannon and chain-fist, 1 with storm-bolter and power-weapon
  • 10 Grey Hunters with power-fist, power-weapon and flamer
  • 9 Grey Hunters with power-fist, power-weapon and melta (there's only 9 of these guys as the wife took one as her something blue on our wedding day last week - she's awesome!)
  • 12 Blood Claws with power-fist, power-weapon, plasma-pistol and unknown special weapon
  • 1 Dreadnought with multi-melta and storm-bolter
  • 2 Drop-pods with storm-bolters

Not bad for 7 months of collecting considering there's probably been at least 1 1/2 months during which I've been completely unable to hobby due to work trips and organising a wedding. Just need that new codex to get here to see where its going next really ;)

That brings my painting points up to 64 tabletop ready and 4 completed. As ever, comments/criticism/pointers etc more than welcome. Cheers, bG

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