Monday, 7 September 2009


So there's loads of rumours around about the space wolves, but I've just seen that the new sprues are todays feature on the GW blog!

YEAH! There's a lot of details on those sprues - you could probably put together just about 10 really really individualised wolves from a couple of those sprues, or you could go and buy a tac squad or other and make up a couple of units. I think the idea is going to be that you buy up one or two of these box's and then buy the packs from the regular space marine line to make up the majority of your army if you don't want them to all be uber tricked out, and then you can make up some very very detailed and special mini's for your Wolf Guard etc.

I'm liking it, and best off it encourages you to head to your local GW and get them to show you the copy, I can't wait to get down to mine and read the whole dex!



Excited ;)

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