Monday, 24 August 2009

Space Hulk played!

As the title says. Got in a game this weekend, and oversaw a game as well for a couple of other players as the staff were v. busy.

The games great. The 3 min time limit for the marine player (I was only using 5 of the 11 termies) really makes you have to think fast and gives you a good impression of the frenetic pace that they would have to act in the hulk. The mission was to flame a room, and I got hosed. My opponent was very savvy, saved up his blips, and as I was approaching the room I was all of a sudden facing 15+ stealers. Needless to say I was wiped pretty quickly after that. 
Lessons learned - overwatch is much better than guard if there is a bit of a gap between you and the stealers. KEEP YOUR COMMANDER ALIVE. The command points make a huge difference and when he dies, and you don't have them, you really feel their loss.

The game I oversaw the marine player won in part down to rolling more 6's than I think I've ever seen. Seriously, every second roll was a 5 or 6 killing a stealer. I watched one of his marines on overwatch kill all 11 stealers that were trying to get to him and the flamer termie behind him, he didn't even get a scratch.

I really can't wait for my copy to show up and start playing it.

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