Wednesday 5 August 2009

mmmm, furry

After almost a month of absence, I'm back with some progress shots. Getting time to post has been difficult and the time I've had I've been giving to the sculpting and painting of these guys.

So, with without further ado:


I've spent ages building up the green-stuff on these guys, but finally finished them tonight, all they now need is basing and painting of course. All the arms are magnetised so they can be switched out depending on what loadout I want them to carry.


Sorry about the dodgy colours on this one, taken late at night using my desk lamp and the camera just couldn't cope with the conditions. In fact, probably true for all the images. He's got a magnetised MM, and is still to be attached to the base and I'm still trying to decide if I like the look of the genestealer under the foot or if I should just go for something like a rock?

Blood Claws

They are slowly getting painted.

So that's what I've achieved over the last month. Please feel free to drop in a comment, especially any tips and hints and thoughts on the genestealer, I really like getting feedback on what I'm doing and it helps me a great deal.


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