Tuesday 2 December 2008


So over the weekend I found an hour here and there to get in some more cleaning up of my tau and a little painting, I've now got a shas'eil o'neil or whatever the Tau call the commanders of their squads (he's the one with the bare head, I'm stuck in that old-school marine groove). To tie him into the whole unit, but also to distinguish him (apart from the head thing, as I may give in and give another couple bare heads) I've added a bit more yellow to his outfit to set him apart, especially in his thigh plates and the large shoulder pad, I'm sure it'll look better when he is surrounded by his troops. I've also got one guy I'm modelling to look like a spotter for the squad (he's crouched down with the scanner), and a couple of guys with rifles:

You'll probably be able to see the modelling I did on the spotter model, I used the grenade arm from one of the sprues and carved away the grenade to get something resembling and outstretched finger, the commander model had a little alteration to the left wrist so that I could get him carrying his gun as he throws his grenade.

On another note, for those of you in the UK, it must be gutting if you've just made any large purchases as the site has just dropped all its prices thanks to the UK government reducing VAT by 2.5%, my comiserations to you all.

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