Saturday 29 November 2008

First new models from old posts I lost:

So I ended up back in the habit after one weekend in March when on a whim, I bought a copy of White Dwarf, it was the issue for the new release of 40k and I was certainly surprised by how much things have changed. I bought a couple more issues and soon realised that I wanted to get back into the hobby, had a look through the new armies and decided that I'd have a go with the Tau. I also got the two free plastics with the AoBR episode, and so it would be rude not to start up the Space Wolves again. Here are the first models that I've been painting, I haven't quite finished them, they still need a bit of detail work but at the moment all my old paints are still in storage so I'm having to make do with only 7 colours.

I'm aiming for a darker than average look to the space wolves that I intend to paint. I've come up with a bit of fluff for them regarding their wolf-lord, they will either be a partially lost company, or a successor chapter, I'm not sure, but their general theme has white and black counterpoints to the blue, with hands being black (more on that later).
The Tau colour scheme comes from that weekend when I bought that issue of White Dwarf that started all this, I also went to see Iron Man that weekend, and loved it. Well I'm sure you can now see where the inspiration came for their colour scheme. I've got two more that are in the process of painting, I'll try and photo them and get them online asap.
As to the Necrons listed in the header, well here's hoping that Christmas can result in me having enough money to get the battleforce, and perhaps a lord, I want to go with them as they'll be nice and quick to paint and it'll allow me to get back to playing the game soon.

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