Wednesday, 28 December 2016

278: J'migan bridge part 1

Ordo Xenos Inquisitorial intercept.  
Ensure review of the following information and prepare for additional data inload.


  1. ...The aspect temples go quiet. Those who follow the path of the warrior leave their other lives and make their way into their temple. More often than not, temples of one aspect have warp gates to allied temples on other craftworlds or maiden worlds. Thus if the avatar of Keela Mensha Kaine awakes on one craftworld, his warlike influence leaches through the webway beyond his 'own' world, priming all the Eldar they are in communication with (which will include the follows of the laughing god as well as their dark kin) for war. Don't imagine for one moment, Mon Kiegh, that you are war with Iyanden alone, just because you fought a few blue and yellow wraith guard.....

    1. Very in keeping - I hadn't thought of doing anything from the Eldar point of view, but I might have to do so now, you've definitely given me some inspiration - thanks.



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