Tuesday, 13 December 2016

277: Finding Wally/Waldo for a second time

Scarily, it was 4 years ago, December 2012, when I posted about finding Wally/Waldo in the Assault on Isstvan diorama, tucked almost out of sight in a doorway at the back.

Well guess who's back, and this time featuring in White Dwarf no less...

Can you see him?  If not, in CSI fashion I can zoom (but not enhance ;)

...but wait!  There's more!

So now that Wally is out in public, it raises some more questions:

  • Does Wally only run with the World Eaters?
  • Has he been hidden in any other dioramas in the intervening 4 years?
  • Will Forgeworld release rules for Wally so we can finally include him in our games?

I look forward to hearing about any other sightings there may have been.


  1. He was in the FW display at UK Gamesday with the Sokar Pattern Stormbird, inside the big Control Tower


    1. Makes sense as its the same board. HE obviously gets about our Wally

  2. I'm struggling with the conflicting notions that you either are utterly dedicated or just have too much time...

    1. Well as we know I don't have that much time, it must be dedicated ;). In reality, I just happened to spot him by fluke. I imagine he's been in quite a few boards in the meantime and no-one has seen him.

  3. Replies
    1. I know. I'd love it if they did a datasheet for him as an April Fools - would be epic.

  4. Replies
    1. Hello there Drax, good to see you back out and about.



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