Sunday 4 September 2016

272: Guardian horde

I chose Eldar because they are an elite army. I was not keen to paint huge numbers of models. So... I just finished almost 50 models.

40 guardians, 4 heavy weapons platforms and 3 warlocks. I will probably use them as 2 squads of 10 guardians and 1 squad of 20.

I am trying to cobble together the requirements for a guardian battlehost formation.

Coming up, Vaul's Wrath Defence Battery, War Walker Sqaudron, and a Vyper.
I ordered another warlock to lead the artillery, without paying too much attention. I was expecting resin. Instead, I get metal. I had no idea that GW were still selling metal models.


  1. On the unlikely off chance that you need more Eldar Heavy Weapons, I've got loads here, should you want any.

  2. Thanks for the offer. I think I am OK for the moment. I am building a Vaul's wrath battery and war walker squadron now. They all come with a full set of weapon options too. Indeed, I think the magnetised HWP guns might be compatible with the war walkers.



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