Friday, 26 August 2016

271: 2000pts BA&IK vs SM&Eldar

My friend, codename Luther, recently completed his first Imperial Knight model, and wanted to take it out for spin. Luther shows off his lovely models at the might brush.

He teamed up his new knight, Gerantius, with his Blood Angels.

I have mostly Iron Knights (Imperial Fist successors), and some Eldar, which I am expanding.

We played Big Guns Never Tire with diagonal deployment. I have Thunderhammer terminators up front and a rhino with a full tac squad behind. Castling up in the corner, I have a lascannon dev squad on the hill with a bunch of sneaky eldar hiding behind it. They are joined by a master of the forge on a bike with a conversion beamer. I have a bike squad with grav and multi melta attack bike next. My cloak and sniper scouts infiltrated and scout moved into the ruin. I have a Crimson Death (3 plane Eldar formation) in reserve.

Luther deployed the mighty Gerantius front and centre. Supporting fire would be supplied by a Deredeo stood high in the ruin.

He positioned a large Death Company squad with Lemartes near the back and spread 3 land speeders across his front line.

He had 3 or 4 drop pods. Each with a dreadnought.

Luther chose to go first, and I did not attempt to seize. He dropped 2 Lucius pods and kept the Dreads inside shooting out. On his 2nd turn they emerged and assaulted.

I used my small Dire Avenger squad to wrap my Devastators to protect them from an assault. I separated off my Autarch to hide in a cowardly manner.

Gerantius advances. Everything that could shoot at my terminators did, and I was down to half numbers.

Blood angel turn 2. Luther's librarian dreadnought emerges from the pod, attempts to harness the warp, suffers a perils, and is dragged into the immaterium. Ooops.

My Farseer had boosted over to hide in a ruin. A speeder went for him and was glanced to nothing. I forget if it was my scouts bolt pistols or Captain Corvalius' Primarch's Wrath storm bolter that finished it.

2 of 3 Crimson Hunters came on. The Deredeo used Interceptor and Skyfire. The planes and dread both lost hull points.

The Dreadnought with blood talons starts to munch through the bikes. They had previously managed to wreck the pod for first blood.

Gerantius had previously charged my terminators. With the help of their stormshields, they survived for 3 rounds of melee before being wiped out.

I fed the Dire Avengers to the DC. Counter Attack granted them 2 attacks each. The DC had 5 attacks each, and the results were predictable.

In my turn 3 the dread finished off my bike squad, but he had suffered a couple of hull points.

I left my Autarch on my backfield objected, so the DC had to go and dig him out. His stand was valiant, but did not last long.

My 3 planes managed to glance down the Deredeo to scrap.

The Deredeo was forcing the planes to jink. Now he was gone, they brought guns to bear with more effect. This dread was about to victimise the scouts, but got pulse lasers and bright lances in the rear armour first.

The blood talon dread charged the scouts. He killed a few, but lost his last HP to a krak grenade.

Gerantius made it to the back line, and finished off the Master of the Forge.

Crimson Hunters took down the 2 remaining Land Speeders.

We got to BA turn 6, and Gerantius failed the charge on the scouts that were holding my backfield objective.

A Crimson hunter got the correct angle for Slay the Warlord.

The other Hunters whittled down the DC. 

Two remaining scouts flee combat with Gerantius, abandoning their objective.

The Crimson Death finishes off the DC.

At the end of turn 7 Captain Corvalius and a tac marine hold one of Luther's back objectives.

The Farseer and a tac marine hold Luther's other backfield objective.

My scouts rally and walk back onto the objective. They have objective secured.

Final scores

ColonelFazackerley: First Blood, Slay the Warlord, Linebreaker, 1 heavy support killed and 3 objectives: 13 pts.

Luther: Linebreaker and 1 heavy support killed: 2 pts.

A fun game. I never managed to take a single hull point from the mighty Gerantius.


  1. I've played against Gerantius, nothing hurt him until a Shadowsword dropped a D pie plate on his a$$... That was fun.

    Great looking battle, scenery and forces. Thanks for the batrep, I love reading batreps, so much better than long videos imho.

    Nice dead Dreadnought scenery, I'll have to steal that face-planted Dread idea. Any close ups?

  2. I had to give up on trying to hurt Gerantius. By turn 3 it definitely made sense to try and hurt everything else.

    Mix of scenery. Luther's fat mat, some bought pre painted, some painted by Captain Castus and some by me.

    We did not have a dreadnought scenery piece. We did take a couple of pics of wrecked Dreads, which do you mean?

  3. I've got a couple of cobras or warp hunters you could borrow (via Andy) if you want to Eldar to take on Imperial Knights...



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