Monday 2 December 2013

226: Necrons vs. Space Marines

Game played!

Brief batrep from the game I played a week or so ago against the new marines.  I've included a very brief battle report below, but due to the shop closing, we could only get in 2 turns so its pretty short.

            Chapter Master with Honour Guard
            3 x Tac squads with Meltaguns and Lascannon
            5 Scouts (Bolters and Heavy Bolter with Hellfire)
            10 Sternguard
            Dreadnought with Lascannon and Missiles
            10 Assault marines
            10 Devestators – 2 Missile Launchers, 2 Lascannon
            Predator Destructor
            Autocannon Hunter/Stalker variant

My Necrons
            Trazyn the infinite
            2 Destruction Crypteks
            1 veil Cryptek
            1 Lord
            2 x 9 Warriors in Arks
            8 Warriors
            10 Immortals with Gauss
            2 x 3 Heavy Destroyers
            3 x Annihilation Barges

Game was Dawn of War (long table edges) and Purge the Alien (kill points) so about as straight forward as possible.

The Marines went first, their setup, from left to right (my point of view):
Stalker/hunter, Devestators, Tac squad, Dreadnought, Assault Marines, Chapter Master, Tac squad, gap for a building, Tac squad, Predator.  The scouts infiltrated forward in front of the predator, and the Sternguard and Librarian were waiting in the Drop Pod.

My setup was, from left to right:
3 Destroyers, Ark, 2 Barges roughly central, Immortals, Ark, 3 Destroyers and Barge.

Turn 1
Libby and Sternguard drop in and make short work of the Heavy Destroyer pack on the right.  Otherwise, the Marines just shuffles forward and takes a few pot shots at my Barges.  We discover that Skyfire counts for Skimmers as well as Flyers, so the Stalker is now top priority.

My turn and the other pack of Heavy Destroyers jump out and waste the Stalker.  All the fire from my right flank reduces the Drop Pod squad to just the Libby on a single wound, and one Sternguard.  The rest goes into the Assault Squad in the centre, doing nothing till one Annihilation Barge scores 7 wounds, and seven 1’s later there are only 3 survivors.

Turn 2
All the Marines move up to get more shots in range.  The Heavy Destroyers on the left are wiped out, and a lot of fire goes into the vehicles, with one Ghost Ark shaken and the odd Hull Point lost here and there, and a couple of  Immortals take a lie down.  The Assault Marines fail a charge against the shaken Ghost Ark.
In my turn the Sternguard and Libby are quickly killed by an Annihilation Barge, but it then takes shots from the rest of my army to finish off the Assault Squad.

Game ends on turn 2 and neither has the upper hand so we call it a draw.

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