Thursday 22 August 2013

221: One Force at 1500pts

I can't quite believe it myself, but I've got One Force almost all the way to 1500pts.  In their most basic setup, without any unnecessary extras, the force is up to 1420pts, so I'm sure if I tart a few of them up with some extras I could get it to 1500pts if I wanted for a game.  It seemed only appropriate to take some shots of the whole force as it stands now.

You can see that its turning out nicely, and although the Vindicator and Storm Raven are different colours, the use of a single colour palette, and variation within that, means that at least to me, the force still holds together as a unified body.  You can see closer shots of the infantry sections of the force in the two pics below.

Right now I've got the second half of the Mk IV armoured marines on the painting table, and they already have full basecoats applied.  Perhaps they'll be ready in time for next weeks post if I can knuckle down with them.  As for the upcoming new releases, I'll be waiting till I've finished the rest of the Mk IV and Mk V squads, before allowing myself anything new.  I promised myself I wouldn't buy anything new before I finished these guys, and I do plan to try and stick to that.  However, I have ordered some of the old Vanguard and Sternguard models (despite them being Finecast) as I think the old ones look considerably better than the new ones, even if the new are much more customisable, broken the promise somewhat, but I'll be putting them away till these are all finished.

Righto then, I'm very excited to see what's coming next week, bring on the new Space Marines.
Cheers - Andy

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  1. Lookin' Good. Might have get one 'o'them hell turkeys to take down your flyer...



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