Friday, 29 March 2013

202: Throne of Skulls - Result!

Well last weekend I attended GW's Throne of Skulls up at Warhammer World with my Necrons, and I still can't quite believe it but I came away not only with a Sportsmanship Award (joint with 8 others all of whom had 3 of their 5 opponents vote them favourite opponent), but also managed to bring home Best Necron General (thanks to those same sportsmanship awards).

I was pretty shocked as I'd only gone up to the event in the hope of winning 2, perhaps 3 of my games if I got a little lucky with my opponents.  In the end I won 4 of my games, and the last came down to an extremely close draw which really could have gone either way (in fact my 4th game was equally close and I only just managed to scrape out a win).  I'll be the first to admit that I didn't face up to any full-blown tournament armies, although that's not to say the armies I faced weren't challenging.  I got a Raider and Venom Dark Eldar force, Jokaero spam Grey Knights, Nob Bikers and Battlewagons, double Helldrake Plaguemarine Chaos, and finally double Vendetta and Stormraven Deathcompany Guard and BAngels - so no push-overs.  Counter to that is the fact I think I was the only Necron force in attendance without a single Flier, which goes to show that they aren't completely necessary.  My list in case anyone is interested was:

Necron Overlord:  Warscythe, Weave, Mindshakle, Barge
Court:  Veil Cryptek, 3x Destruction Crypteks

10 Gauss Immortals
2x 10 Warriors
9 Warriors in Ark

7 Scarabs

2x Annihilation Barges
Doomsday Ark

All 5 of my opponents were really great, and I enjoyed every game immensely.  I can honestly say that I would have felt the same if I'd lost all 5 games to the same opponents they were all that good.  I want to say a big thank you to them all for great games, and good times, I was really pleased to see that they all came away with good results too, most of them getting 3 or 4 wins through the weekend which they definitely deserved.  I hope I'll see them again at other tournaments

I'll try and get the games written up in time for next week, then it'll be back to hobby goodness and trying to get One Force ready for an outing at Blog Wars 5.
Cheers - Andy

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