Thursday 21 March 2013

201: Throne of Skulls

This weekend I'm off to Throne of Skulls at Warhammer World.  This'll be my first Games Workshop run tournament, so it'll be a new experience if nothing else.  I've read all the hype and hate that goes along with this but I'm going to try and keep as open a mind as possible and just enjoy it for what it seems to be, an excuse to play 5 games over 2 days.

I'm taking my Necrons, a slightly different list from Blog Wars as I don't have the allies, and its 1500pts.  The list is based mostly one what I have, and a couple of extras that I've wanted to buy for a while now.  It consists of:

Lord with Weave and Scythe on a Barge
Court:  Harbinger of Despair with Veil, 3x Harbinger of Destruction

10 Immortals with Gauss
9 Warriors in an Ark
2x 10 Warriors

7 Scarabs

Doomsday Ark
2x Annihilation Barge

To get all this ready, I've been working of completing my Necron vehicle pool, you can see them below (sorry about the poor pictures, I haven't had time to set things up properly).

If any of you out there in blog-land see me and my 'Crons, say hi.

(oh, and I guess that's also 30 painting points!)


  1. Replies
    1. Cheers John, just noticed you commented. Had a great weekend, I've put the first part of my write up online now, was quite the successful weekend in the end.



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