Thursday 25 October 2012

TFP: Badab Project competition (4) - Complete

Here he is, finished and ready for the judging and the auction.  Lots more images of him below, including an attempt at a rotating gallery (courtesy of this code supplied by Dezartfox).

EDIT:  You can now vote in the competition HERE.

I've really enjoyed painting this guy, taking some time to lavish attention onto a single miniature and try to experiment with some newer methods for achieving a desired result.  Getting the black right took a couple of goes before I felt satisfied, and I still think that I could perhaps improve it ultimately.

You can see he's pretty dark colour wise which is the look I was hoping for, it helps to make his Deathwatch arm and the few coloured sections of the armour really stand out.  (I've cheekily added the chevrons from One Force to his knee pad :D)

I tried to use a similar technique for the red of the =I= symbol as for the eyes, going a little further with the highlights on the eyes.  I also added a little OSL on the eyes to make them appear to be glowing.

The Raptors Chapter badge, all freehand (some of the more tricky work on this model), and the Chapter name written onto the script.

Here you can see the colour on the Rhino hatch on the base matching that on the model, I did this in the hope it would tie the whole model together.

Now, hopefully this will work, but here should be a 360-spin of the model (as seen on the GW site and others), made with the this code which Dezartfox from The Vanus Temple has very kindly placed in the hands of the community:

360 spin!

If you like the guy, go check out the other entrants and the auction which will be linked from The Badab Project blog in the near future.  As always, any comments are very greatly received.

Cheers - Andy

Edit:  +2 painting points!


  1. I am really liking the glow effect on the eyes, nice work :)

    1. Thanks Mark, its a really easy effect to achieve, I just drybrush selectively that area with the red base colour before painting the eyes - much like I do with my 'Crons.

  2. Urge... to do... more... OSL... rising... (I really, really like those eyes, good work dude!).

    1. Cheers, its a cheats method, but works all the same.



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