Thursday, 11 October 2012

TFP: Badab Project competition (2)

Through Excommunicate Traitoris I'm now involved in this competition and charity project from The Fallen Princes.  Go have a look and I'll see you when you are back...

What a great idea!  Anyway, I've volunteered myself for a trooper (that was all that was left when I found out about this), and am going to be giving my guy a Raptor's heritage as they are a Badab chapter and their colour-scheme is similar to my current flavour of the month/year, One Force.  So here are the first, in progress shots of my marine:

First up is the base, it has to have an urban theme to tie the squad together, so I've dug out a few bits and popped them onto a standard 25mm base to make a show of some battlefield debris.  There's a chewed up bit of sprue that I'll be painting up as a piece of damaged structural steel as well.

Here's the marine.  Beaky helmet as should be standard for a Raptor.  They are a second founding chapter of the Raven Guard, and were the first squads, even from within the Raven Guard, to receive the MkVI armour (read Deliverance Lost for the full story).  He's missing the Deathwatch shoulder pad at this stage, but none other than Karitas from Excommunicate Traitoris had a spare that he very kindly sent to me.  The next update should have some nice painting progress for you.

Check out the competition here if you haven't already.

Cheers - Andy

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