Thursday, 21 June 2012

First Marines for One Force

The Forgeworld MkII armour is just fantastic.  In the pictures on their website, I never thought the MkII armour looked very good, I far preferred the MkIII as well as the MkIV and MkV, but when I finally got to have a look at them in person, I realised just how nice the MkII is and had to get some.  These are the first of what will eventually be 30 Tactical/Assault marines for One Force.

Here they are in Tactical Marine get-up.  The meltagun is the awesome Nuclear Gun from Maxmini (I posted about the parts I was going to use here).  The bolters are from Anvil Industries, another great discovery from when I went to Salute, and you can see some of the left hands I cast too.

Thanks to the wonder of magnets (3mm x 1.5mm magnets fit perfectly into the existing holes in both the backpacks and jump-packs), they can also represent assault marines (which is why the majority are armed with combat weapons too, and I just like the look).  These jump-packs are the Maxmini Bronze Pattern, and are really quite large which works nicely to me as they are an early version, and the later types are quite a bit smaller as the technology was improved.

I'll be making a commander for these guys before painting them, and will add the other 5 to the squad later on as the force expands, but I'm already excited to start working on the MkIV and MkV suits I've got.

Cheers - Andy

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