Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Shadowseer painting - post 1

I've now got one and a half weeks to get this guy painted to the best possible standard as I can for the local GW painting competition.  I settled on a colour scheme a little while ago but have been a little busy so only just got started the other night.  The picture you can see to the left is the first nights paiting getting the diamond pattern for the bodysuite outlined and filled in.  I had to go out and get a new (non-GW) brush for the fine detail as my GW ones just weren't holding up for any length of time.

I made some further progress on it last night, shading the bodysuite and also colouring the main robes.  I'm hoping to make them nice and dark, but mix blues with grey's to give it some variation (not sure how well that is coming out in the photos).  Next up is to highlight the bodysuite, then the robes, then start on painting all the "equipment" which I plan on being bone coloured.  If I have some time at the end, I also plan on trying to achieve a NMM effect on the facemask, chrome style.

Its a little messy at the moment, I was painting with only a single light last night, but I'll be tidying those things up before progressing with anything more.

Comments and tips for improving it would be greatly appreciated.  Cheers - Andy


  1. Good luck to you sir.
    Have no tips as what you've done so far is better than what I can do haha.

  2. Coming along nicely, the diamond pattern is very striking, looking forward on seeing further progress.

  3. @Warflake - thanks man, but its just some base colours and a wash, although I'll admit I was struggling to get the diamond pattern to look nice.

    @Simo - Thanks, I'll hopefully be doing some more work on it on Thursday or Friday so expect a post sometime then.

  4. very nice looking shadowseer. Harlys can be intimidating to paint sometimes. The diamonds are coming out very well. I like the colors too.

  5. Thanks @eldaraddict, I'm hoping to get a little more done tonight so we'll see how it progresses with some highlighting.



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