Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Shadowseer paint scheme

As I mentioned when I returned form holiday, the local GW is running a monthly painting competition and this month the chosen figure is the Eldar Harlequin Shadowseer and I'm giving it a go.  I had some ideas in my head for how I wanted it to look (bright Harlequin-esque bodysuit, but with dark, shadowy robes as if it were a costume).  I searched around online and found a line drawing (afraid I can't find it anymore) and with some trickery in GIMP, was able to make it into something I could colour-in.
You can see what I'm trying to achieve on the left there, and I'm hoping to start painting it tonight, I'll keep updates coming on this as I'm going to be going all out to try and make this my best looking figure yet.

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