Friday 30 July 2010

Wolftastic List

Image from the Space Wolves Codex - © GW

Adam over at Space Wolves Grey has posted up his Razorwolves list in part in comment to the fact that pretty much all Space Wolf lists in the UK are converging on a single principle list of Grey Hunters in Rhinos accompanied by some Rune Priests and Long Fangs.  I'm as guilty as the next man for building similar lists in part because they are just so versatile and work extremely well.  However, its not the only list out there, and so for your consideration, I present the "Wolftastic" list:

Canis Wolfborne  + 2 Fenrisian Wolves
205 pts

Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf, thunder-hammer, storm-shield, 2 Fenrisian Wolves and all the trimmings
275 pts

Iron Priest on Thunderwolf  + 4 Cyberwolves
170 pts

3 x 
Wolf Guard, power-fist, combi-melta
5 Grey Hunters, meltagun, Mark of the Wulfen, Wolf Standard
Razorback (of your choice between twin Las, Assault Cannon or Las-Plas)
223 pts each

4 Thunderwolf Cavalry, thunder-hammer, 2 x storm-shields
290 pts

2 x
8 Fenrisian Wolves
64 pts each

Which totals 1737 leaving a few extra points to allocate to something or other.  The idea is the two units of Fenrisian Wolves join Canis and the Lord, and them, the Thunderwolves and Iron Priest all charge forward and get in amongst the enemy and cause huge amounts of carnage.  With Canis all the Fenrisian Wolves and Cyberwolves are going at I5 and the enemy has to divide its attention between 4 extremely hard hitting units.  Meanwhile, the Grey Hunters in the Razorbacks (and I'd suggest going with the lascannon option on the Razorbacks for some ranged anti-armour) tool around in the back field securing objectives and mopping up.  Thats 7 Thunderwolves, 20 Fenrisian wolves and 4 Cyberwolves all going at I5 and a whole lot more.

You could also lose the Fenrisian wolves from Canis and the Lord, the 4th Thunderwolf, the Wolf Standards from the Grey Hunters and reduce the Fenrisian Wolf packs to 5 minimum each and have room for another Iron Priest with Cyberwolves.

I haven't played this list, but would love to put one together and see how destructive it could be.  What do you think?


  1. Has anyone had any success with the Fenrisian Wolves? Mine always disintegrate before they reach the enemy even if I move them through cover...

  2. I'm not sure, I've only just finished painting up 10 of them. Admittedly in this list they aren't there for much else than ablative wounds on the characters to make sure they get across the board.

    In combat, based on their profile, they can be a very big glass hammer. With Canis they hit like 2 attack space marines but at Initiative 5 so will go before a lot of average units, but they will die quickly when struck back as they only have a 6+ save.

  3. I would not give the lord a thunder hammer. You would sacrifice is awesome initiative. I always go Frost blade. Let him strike first and tear stuff up with Saga of warrior born.

  4. @jcroxford Its a good point, I've considered it and will have to try it sometime, the reasons for giving him the hammer is he's one of the few up-close tank killing units.

  5. This is too good to be true. Just explicable.

  6. Very good to imagine that all of those were true. And if ever I know you can apply all your skills. Such a great post!

  7. Hi Plumbing. Thanks for those words, I might try and come up with an apocalypse formation based on this for the future.



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