Thursday 15 July 2010

Iron Wolf Mount

Well I think I'll have to dedicate this post to cannonfodder after pre-empting me by just one day with his comment on my previous post on this project.

As I said there, up till last night I'd worked on this guy on and off over the last few weeks just doing a little green-stuff here and there, pinning him slowly together.  It was a really slow process as I could only really get one or two things done at any time as I'd invariably have to wait for the previous gs or pinning to dry before moving on for fear of either breaking the pins or squishing the previous gs work.
Finally last night I'd done pretty much everything I wanted to so it was just the final assembly and base.  I opted for a relatively simple piece of slate on the base to not detract from the model which I want to be what draws the eye to the piece.

Hopefully these'll give you an idea for how its looking.  I'm going to see about getting the base sanded and then undercoated over the next couple of evenings and then I'll be breaking out the boltgun metal paint in a big way!

Here's a new view for you as well, not one you see of a model that often

With luck this guy'll be game-worthy pretty soon and then its just working on a pair of legs to mount atop the back that'll be suitable.

Please do leave comments and criticism (C&C) as I'm very interested in what people think will help and improve my work.  Cheers, bG


  1. I like the look. I would wait on the plastic kit coming out soon for it though. The head armor plate will be separate from the head for easier conversion.

    Even though its an Iron Wolf mount, I would like to see more fur. It would give it a more unique feel and less chaos.

    Oh, and for the legs, look at the biker legs. With a little cutting and green stuff work (you can hide the cuts easily with some "fur") it fits real nice and looks good.

  2. Hi James

    I do see your point about putting fur on this model to give more of a wolf like impression. However, my reasoning is that as an Iron Priest the rider would have spent so much time "upgrading" the wolf that there wouldn't be any of the original animal left.

    With the impending release of plastic juggernoughts, my plan to then convert up a second of these for my wolf lord will be a bit easier, and in that case I fully intend to include a lot more fur as that animal wouldn't be any where near as augmented as this one.

  3. I totally dig the pose of the ride. And I agree that too much fur could kill the "Mech"look. Thanks for linking me as well. I am right back from Austria`s biggest 40k tournament and placed 6th (out of 50) with my army scoring 29 of 30 Paintingpoints. My last game was against a 13th company with wolfriders form juggernauts. I thin the legs are the most difficult part to make look convincing. Take your time on them.
    Instead of bikes I opt for walking legs. I did use the techmarine for good results on my project (Still WIP)

  4. Hey Cannonfodder. Huge congrats on placing 6th in the competition, thats an awesome achievement. Your painting work on that force was fantastic so your thoroughly deserved the full points on the painting, wish I could have got an army together that quickly.

    I haven't had a chance to read through the battle-reports yet, but I will and I'm very interested to see those wolfriders on juggernauts you talked about, do you have any pictures of those specifically.

    As to the legs, for now I'm leaving them as they are as its very difficult to work with the metal, and this is a test-run somewhat. Now that GW has announced they're releasing plastic juggers I'll wait for those and do something a bit more complete as a conversion on those including replacing the lower-legs and giving them claws.

  5. Indeed, I have some pics:

    and one ironpriest on thunderwolf

  6. Man those are nice, I hope I can get mine to look somewhat that good.



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