Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Tyranid and BA FAQs - Doom Neutered

Well, GW has released the Tyranid and Blood Angel FAQs:

First thing that pretty much everyone will be looking for is what is the resolution of the Doom of Malantai's powers.   Well, the answer is that YES you can take cover saves, NO they do not affect units embarked in vehicles  -  probably the right decision (IMO) but I'm sure lots of people will cry foul.

The big questions likely to be looked for in the Blood Angels FAQ are:  Baal Predators can move flat out in their scout move AND use smoke after a scout move.

I'm sure there's going to be a lot of discussion about this over the next few weeks, and we should all probably be keeping a close eye on the FAQ site in case they decide to do a double-take a-la Space Wolves.


  1. I do not like some of those answers. Thanks for posting the news. I added a special post of my blog to discuss it already even though I had a post published earlier today.

  2. From your post ( ) I can totally see why you aren't too happy with some of the rules.

    Not playing either forces I just had a look to see the answer to some of the most common questions, but you point out some very real issues with the answers given.

    For the question I have the most interest in, I think that you should be able to shoot out of a vehicle (psychic included) but "effects" shouldn't extend out of a vehicle, and vice-versa you shouldn't be affected by an "effect" while in a vehicle but a shooting attack can target a vehicle (but not its contents). In my opinion that would be the clearest and most fair treatment of that issue.

    What are your thoughts

  3. I agree. Most of the area effect powers should not propagate out of a vehicle because they are just silly(I can heal your wounds from inside this tank). Pretty much every targeted ranged ability/power should also require the use of a fire point for the turn even if they are not shooting attacks or require line of sight. Some place to focus your energies through with minimum additional disturbance.

  4. Would make everyones lives a lot easier if GW just came out and said as such, never will though.

    Did you see their comment on the Witch Hunter and Daemon Hunter Codex's today. They aren't saying which of the pdf or print you should use, its up to you, and they are leaving the allies thing ambiguous as well - a right mess up all round.

  5. Totally. Had to do a quick WTF post just for that. I do not post to my blog much but with all this excitement I had three today.



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