Tuesday 29 June 2010

Space Wolf reinforcements

Hey there everyone.

So at the weekend I finally managed to get a few projects I've had on the go for a while to a stage of semi-completion.  Plenty of additions to my Wolf Force which brings it that little bit closer to where I'd like it to be.

First up we have some Fenrisian Wolves - made from the Chaos Warhounds set with some extra green-stuffing to help them look a little more wolfy.  I'll be painting these up in shades of grey and brown, trying to keep them nice and dark as that's how I think they are portrayed.  I'll probably tack a couple of these to my Lone Wolf to give him a little extra punch, and perhaps use the rest as a nice screen unit.  The Dire Wolf at the bottom right will be a cyberwolf leader of the pack should I chose to use that upgrade.

Next up are my Rune Priests.  Made from a mix of Wolf Pack parts and a few bits of chaos marines that I was able to get from someone at the local GW, I've mounted these on a piece of slate each to raise them slightly above the main packs.  I've attached these to my Grey Hunter units in the last couple of games (my first time  using unpainted models that has left me feeling a little dirty) and they've been nothing short of spectacular - gotta love Murderous Hurricane!

My Wolf Guard Pack Leaders - using the combi-meltas from this post, again to pick them out from the crowd I've added totems to the tops of their packs so I can see them in amongst my Grey Hunters and Blood Claws.

Last but very not least, Mark of the Wolfen models.  I finally have some dedicated figures for these.  Adam over at Space Wolves Grey has just posted his awesome Wulfen conversion if you want to see how its done properly.  I've been digging around for the parts to use for these for a while now and finally found some old genestealer models that I could take the hands from, I've also used some arms from the marauder horsemen kit, and then needed to pick out some suitable heads.

I specially picked out head that have open mouths and tried to position them as if they were howling as the canix-helix takes over their actions and drives them into a rage.  I still think they need a little extra - I may add a bunch of extra wolfy decorations to them to make them seem a little more feral and specialised, or I may just wait to see how they look when painted.

So where does that leave the painting chart?

Not that much change, a few extra squares of orange instead of red, not too much added, but hopefully I'll have most of those orange squares yellow before too long.

If you've made it this far, thanks for persevering.  Keep checking back as I hope to have a post later this week hinting at a new project  
< elmer fudd voice > sssssssh!  its a secwet < /elmer fudd voice >


  1. Great idea using the Chaos Warhounds to represent the Fenrisian Wolves! I might have to steal that idea to use the warhounds as Dire Wolves for my Vampire Counts army (I hate the Dire Wolf models they currently have, so these guys would be a big improvement)

  2. They are a lot nicer models, I sadly bought some dire-wolves before thinking I could use those, realised my mistake, and picked up the warhounds. The dire-wolves are bigger so will now be my cyber-wolves.



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