Friday, 17 April 2009

Games Night

Last night was games night at the local GW so I headed on down with my two GH squads and Wolf Guard Battle Leader (WGBL, the cool one with twin lightning claws) to get in some gaming. I got two games on the same city fight board as my first game

The first was against a SM biker army (about 11 models inc one captain with power sword) at 500 points, annihilation and pitched battle. My GHs were basic with bolters, no special weapons, and the WGBL was basic with twin lightning claws and a belt of russ. It went well to begin with, the massed bolter fire taking out a number of the bikes, then we got into combat and it was a battle of attrition and the toughness 5 was the decider. I did last about 8 or 9 rounds of combat (we weren't counting turns) which was a surprise to both of us, but eventually I was wiped out.

The second game was against a deamon army at about 650 points, seize ground with 5 objectives and pitched battle again. Having only two squads I tried to get the objectives set in two groups as close as possible so I would have a chance of claiming as many as possible. I had my most tricked out list - two 9 man GH squads lead by WGLs, power weapon and fist in each, and a wolf lord with wolf pelt, belt of russ etc. My opponent had 2 squads of 5 bloodletters, one lead by a champion, 5 chaos houds, some plague bearers and some slaaneshi...girls... whatever they are called.

I got pretty lucky in this game, one squad of bloodletters scattered and were destroyed in the first turn so I was able to bolter his hounds to death in my second turn. The rest of the army arrived in turn three, the bloodletters with champ opposite one squad on two objectives, and the plaguebearers and girls opposite my other squad with lord who were on three objectives. I just stayed put, rapid firing my bolters at the plagues and bloodletters and then counter-attacked when they charged. After 2 rounds of combat, losing only a couple of marines I had pretty much wiped the deamons from the board and my opponent conceded.

All in all, I really enjoyed myself, the opponents were nice, helped me out, and I realised that despite having an old codex, the old wolves are still a very competitive army, especially in close quarters. Being on foot, I imagine slogging across a board towards a Tau or Guard army I would suffer, but in these battles they aquitted themselves very well.

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