Tuesday, 3 March 2009

New Acquisitions

So I haven't had much painting time of late, so nothing to show there I'm afraid, but I have had far too much ebay time, and so my Wolves army is expanding (model wise, it'll be a while before anything is painted).
So, to go with the 10GH I am currently painting (see a couple of posts before) and the 1 black reach termie that I got with WD, I now have:
10 metal bodied Blood Claws badly needing to be stripped
17 metal GH bodies that are stripped, but have not arms etc
A devastator squad missing the heavy bolter backpack that need stripping as they appear to have been dipped in paint.

That all came to £30 plus about £10 postage for over 30 metal miniatures, not bad I think. I have to admit, that although the plastics are getting better, and the pose-ability is really good, they just can't match the detail on the metal bodies, so I'm dead happy to have these in my army, and it'll also allow me to differentiate units nicely. All I now need to do is source a whole bunch of arms, pads, backpacks, weapons and bases, but I have a feeling that when I finally get to my old model stash, a lot of that will be solved.

I've also got a case from KRmulticase coming my way. These seem really good, a lot of variability in the foam inserts, and at only £21, the combination I've chosen should be able to hold 54 largish termie sized or heavily armed miniatures, and 80 smaller, bolter armed and fire warrior miniatures.

Well thats it for now, maybe a painting update in a few days if I get a chance to sit down and do something one evening. Thanks for dropping by, and as ever, comments are always welcome

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