Friday, 6 March 2009

First 40K Game

O.K., not too much to report, I had my first game of 5th Ed, my first game in over 12 years, and LOVED IT. Went into GW for an "academy" which was a blast, the manager guy there who took me through it all was sound and a great fella, someone who I'm sure could open a can or two if he wanted to, but was so good with me. I'll see if I can post a report after the weekend (I have a rather expensive stag do to attend and the beer will be flowing), I'll do my best to make it interesting as well. I have to say I love the new edition, really fast, pretty easy, and you have to be good on tactics, I sucked quite a bit, but got lucky, and the wolves did a sterling job even if they were mascerading as a tac squad. I also got some ideas for future conversions, including a wonderful Hamlet GH.

More soon, bG

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